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Following advice from The Grand Lodge of Scotland it has stated that "The Square, Compasses and the letter 'G' have been registered as a Trade Mark of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. If this symbol is used, in any shape or form, it must have the trade mark symbol, TM , attached."

We have not carried out this action on the website, as the Web Manager feels that it would upset the aesthetics of the layout, but does recognise the statement above, as should you, the reader.

Any images, words, information or other form of material supplied and used on this website is recognised as that persons copyright 'property' and therefor is subject to the copyright laws of the Country where the website is hosted. It is understood by the web site manager that any supplied material has been donated by the owner and can be used with their consent, unless otherwise stated.

Any correspondence in reference to the website should be sent to the Lodge by one of the methods as per the 'Contact' page on the left coloumn.


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This Website may therefore use cookie technology to track or record information about visitors to this Website. These cookies are "session specific" and are not used to record personal information or to associate personal information with the use of this Websites services. Privacy and security are not compromised if and when the user accepts a cookie from this Website.

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